Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is a diverse and safe island nation located in the south pacific, with breathtaking natural beauty with population of around 5 million people. New Zealand has three official languages, English, Te Reo Maori and New Zealand sign language.

New Zealand largest citizens are Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with developed city infrastructure and high concentration of population giving you the convenience of a world-class city.


New Zealand is known for its “clean and green” image, as well as very low corruption and high stability. Given the present volatility in the world, it is no surprise why so many are planning to make New Zealand their home.


New Zealand

If you are an adventure lover, an outdoor person and interested in roaming the wild side of nature, then you could not choose a better place. Known as the Switzerland of the Pacific, New Zealand is home to some of the most stunning natural sceneries in the world.

Our specialist team will assess your eligibility,

for both temporary and permanent stays, and manage

the whole visa application process

on your behalf so that you can have peace of

mind knowing your immigration case is in good hands.

Why do you

need a licensed


Often, your situation is not clear cut. You may have questions, and you may not know how the information you are giving Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will be interpreted. You may have questions on the level of evidence requirements from INZ. You may receive a letter from INZ telling you that there is potentially prejudicial information about your case. A licensed immigration adviser can answer your questions, set your mind at ease and advocate on your behalf if necessary.

On the other hand, managing an immigration case and navigating the often ambiguous and confusing rules and regulations is not easy. The INZ rules are subject to change as well as interpretation. It is therefore essential for you to use a service that is a right fit for you and can help you navigate these rules and regulations.

Working in New Zealand

New Zealand work environment is non-discriminatory in general, and the rights of the workers are protected in New Zealand

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Business and Investor Visas

New Zealand offers different options for Business and Investor Visas tailored to the circumstances of the applying individuals

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Studying in New Zealand

New Zealand has eight universities and a multitude of other post-secondary educational institutions including institutes

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Temporary Visits to New Zealand

New Zealand is a great tourist destination in Oceania. Unique scenery, fantastic adventure activities, and widespread indigenous

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