New Zealand offers different options for Business and Investor Visas tailored to the circumstances of the applying individuals. The visas that allow you to stay in New Zealand permanently are:

Investor Visa Category 1 (Investor Plus)

This is aimed at high net worth individuals (NZ$10m+). This will give you a residence class visa with conditions and has a direct application process. You have to invest the money in approved areas only. These are generally areas that contribute to the New Zealand economy and have to be invested for a period of 3 years.

Investor Visa Category 2

This category requires an Expression of Interest (EOI) to be completed and an Invitation to Apply may be issued by INZ for all that meet points threshold over 20 for age, business experience, Investment and English – bonus points awarded for investment in growth investments. The minimum investment is 3 Million dollars over 4 years.

Entrepreneur Work and Residence Stream

You can get an entrepreneur work visa by starting a new business or buying an existing one. If you meet the conditions you have set in your business plan, then you can apply for residency after 2 years. Alternatively, if you meet specific conditions (for investment in New Zealand and employing New Zealanders), you can apply for residency in 6 months.

The Entrepreneur Work Visa allows you to stay in New Zealand for 12 months during the start-up phase and then you can stay an additional 24 months in New Zealand after INZ checks that your business is set up properly. At the minimum you will need a business plan, NZD 100,000 investment in your business, a score higher than 120 on the INZ point system (related to age, education etc.), and no involvement in failed businesses, bankruptcies, fraud or misconduct.

Once you have been self-employed and operated your business for two years, you can apply for residency in New Zealand. One condition is that New Zealand must have gained substantially from your business activities.

Fill our assessment form and tell us what type f business you have in mind in our assessment form if you are interested in this type of visa stream.