Visitor Visa

New Zealand is a great tourist destination in Oceania. Unique scenery, fantastic adventure activities, and widespread indigenous culture can make your trip to New Zealand one of the most memorable adventures you have.

Citizens of non-visa waiver countries require a visa to travel to New Zealand. This is a temporary visa granted to people to come to New Zealand, do tourist activities, and visit their family friends. The length of stay varies with the circumstances and the reasons for travel. It is vital to establish your bona fide intentions to INZ; otherwise, you may have issues with your visitor visa. Also, it is essential to be careful and truthful in all the declaration you make.

We can help you obtain a visitor visa for yourself and your family so that you can visit New Zealand. Fill our assessment form, and we will get back to you with a visitor visa solution that fits your personal circumstances.

Work Visas

When it comes to work visas in New Zealand, you have several choices. What visa you go for depends on the job offer you have, the level of compensation and your personal circumstances. There are significant changes afoot in the New Zealand work visa scheme. So, it is essential you get yourself an adviser who is up to date in all matters related to the new work visa regulations and can navigate the obstacles for you.

Working in New Zealand

New Zealand work environment is non-discriminatory in general, and the rights of the workers are protected in New Zealand legislation. Although large corporations are active in New Zealand, the general tendency is to give the business to local Kiwi business. As a result, many businesses are small, and you have much easier access to the end employer/business owner.

Having a Job Offer is absolutely fundamental for your success in securing a New Zealand work visa. As a result, you need to have a CV (Resume) that is aligned with New Zealand standards.

Essential Skills Work Visa

This visa allows you to travel to New Zealand and work for a specific employer according to your work visa conditions. Your job offer must be permanent full-time, as no casual/part-time work is accepted by INZ. Currently, INZ recognises three skill bands for the jobs. The primary decider for what skill band your job is placed in is your salary (calculated on a per hour basis), and then the level of qualification you have for that job. Here is a general summary.


Skill Band Minimum remuneration/h Maximum remuneration/h ANZSCO Skill Level
Higher Skilled $37.50 Any Any Level
Mid-Skilled $21.25 $37.49 Levels 1, 2, or 3
Lower-Skilled Any $21.25 Any Level
Lower-Skilled Any $37.50 Levels 4, 5


To approve an Essential Skills work visa, an immigration officer must be satisfied that:

  • the employment is acceptable; and
  • there are no New Zealand citizens or residents available for the work as; and
  • the employer meets requirements; and
  • the applicant meets the requirements.


There are significant changes happening in the work visa domain. You need an adviser who is up to date with the evidence and advocacy required to shows INZ you meet all the requirements. Once you have your job offer, it is best to get in touch with us so that we can help you and give you the best possible chance of success.

Work To Residence Visa

With this visa, you can eventually stay in New Zealand as a resident, but your employer has to be accredited. If your employer is not accredited, they have to be accredited, that way they can sponsor you for eventual residency based on work to residence instructions. Get in touch with us to see if your employer is accredited and if you meet the other requirements.

Working Holiday Visa

This is a quota and country-based visa system. It allows the holder to stay for one year, and train for a total of 6 months. Countries have different quotas and conditions, so it is essential to get in early and meet all the requirements relevant to your current country of citizenship. Get in touch with us so we can check if you are eligible (ages of 18-30 only).

Why is it essential to have a job offer?

Having a job offer or an employment agreement from a New Zealand company that satisfies the INZ is the essential requirement for whatever work visa/SMC you apply for. This is because all the rules and regulations are based on protecting the new migrants against exploitation by employers in New Zealand. So, the employment offers and agreements must be in agreement with INZ regulations. Get in touch with us so we can help you in checking your employment offers and advertisement requirements for your job offer.